Streamlining Hoddle Street (Stage 1)

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Project Description

Every day about 130,000 people, in around 90,000 cars and trucks and 1000 buses, are travelling along Hoddle Street and Punt Road. Another 200,000 people are crossing the corridor, with around half of those travelling on public transport. Stage one of the Streamlining Hoddle Street project involves the redesign and construction of key intersections between the Eastern Freeway in Clifton Hill and Vere Street in Abbotsford, as well as bus lane and shared user path upgrades. The redesign will make journey times more reliable with innovative designs, new technology, increased capacity for vehicles to enter the freeway from Hoddle Street in the form of an extra traffic lane, and improve traffic flow at the Johnston Street intersection by relocating all right-turn movements away from the intersection with signalised P-turn median openings at Truro Street and Peters Lane.


January 2018 to mid-2018


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