Great Western Highway upgrade - Bullaburra East

Project Location

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Project Description

The $50 million Bullaburra East project upgraded and widened approximately 1.6 kilometres of the existing two lane Great Western Highway to a four lane divided highway. Widening works were positioned in between the existing highway, the town of Bullaburra and the western railway line, all of which run along the Blue Mountains National Park ridge, within the heritage area. To sensitively manage this project, rigorous environment management, complex traffic staging and management, and significant community engagement were required. Scope of works included earthworks, stormwater drainage, sub-surface drainage, pavement, 1500 metres of structural concrete retaining walls, reinforced soil wall, construction of a footpath/cycleway, pavement marking, signposting, traffic management, utility relocation, property adjustments, the replacement of an existing rail pedestrian bridge section and construction of a new pedestrian overpass.


January 2013 to August 2015

Roads and Maritime Services, New South Wales Government

Contract value
$50 million