Our civil infrastructure division Seymour Whyte Constructions has a solid reputation for delivering complex brownfield projects that often include difficult staging, engineering and environmental challenges, logistical constraints, and stakeholder impacts.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville, Seymour Whyte Constructions employs more than 450 people and delivers projects ranging in value from $10 million to $460 million.

We are pre-qualified at the highest levels to undertake road and bridgeworks throughout Australia, and offer services in design, construction (including earthworks and road works), project management, bridgework and concrete structures, major traffic management schemes and community infrastructure.

Major infrastructure projects awarded to Seymour Whyte Constructions have increased significantly, as has the size, reach and complexity of these projects. In addition to our core capability area of roads and bridges, we are experienced in the delivery of engineering and construction services for the airport, rail, marine and resources sectors.


Our utilities infrastructure division Rob Carr Pty Ltd is recognised as a leader in micro-tunneling and underground pipe and service installations for the energy and water utilities markets, with specialist capabilities in pipe construction, micro-tunneling, deep shaft and service installations.

These capabilities are complemented by our experience as a civil engineering and construction contractor and sub-contractor on major infrastructure projects across Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. 

Through Rob Carr Pty Ltd, the Seymour Whyte Group owns a modern fleet of micro-tunneling equipment and has completed hundreds of kilometres of conventional and trenchless pipeline construction projects for government clients, water authorities, construction and resources companies, and project alliances.

Our utilities infrastructure division offers a diverse range of capability including renewable energy projects, bulk water catchments, power stations, processing plant, substations, irrigation infrastructure, pipelines, site remediation and all associated civil works.