Seymour Whyte wins coveted first package of M1 works to Tugun

Seymour Whyte is now set to continue south on the Gold Coast’s Pacific Motorway (M1) towards the Queensland/New South Wales border, after winning the first of three packages of work in the $1.03 billion Varsity Lakes to Tugun (VL2T) upgrade.

M1 Pacific Motorway (Exit 87) at Burleigh

Photo: M1 Pacific Motorway (Exit 87) at Burleigh, Gold Coast, Queensland

With Seymour Whyte’s Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes upgrade (M2VL) now almost complete, this next section, Varsity Lakes to Burleigh (VL2B) (Package A), will start in early May 2020. 

In announcing the win, Will MacDonald, Seymour Whyte General Manager Northern Region, said this new Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) project win allows Seymour Whyte to continue its very strong tradition of major road upgrade work in the region.

M2VL - Varsity Lakes

Photo: M1 Pacific Motorway (Exit 85) at Varsity Lakes currently being delivered by Seymour Whyte, north of the Varsity Lakes to Burleigh section of the M1.

“This is a great result for our team; and gives us continuity for our M2VL project team”, said Will.

“With our existing site facility and high-performing construction team located at the southern-most part of the M2VL alignment, we are ideally positioned to keep the momentum going further south which will be a win/win for TMR, Seymour Whyte and the community.

“That said, our Pre-Contracts and Tendering teams worked hard to put us in such a winning position. At such a difficult time across Australia, and the world with the challenges of COVID-19, this is a particularly poignant time to achieve such success”, concluded Will.

M2VL Project Manager, Bryan Broadfoot, said the next section south is a shorter 2-kilometre alignment and will provide many technical challenges for the team.

“VL2B involves the construction of the Gold Coast’s first ever Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at Burleigh Heads (Exit 87).

“We will also be rehabilitating a notorious 2-kilometre stretch of concrete motorway pavement that is long past its use-by date. We’ll be using a Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) which is a gap graded surface mix. The existing pavement will be fractured and reduced to rubble and will serve as a base course for the new road pavement”, explained Bryan.

“The traffic will be one of our greatest challenges on this new project, as it is on M2VL. We will keep traffic moving 24/7 with construction and live traffic sharing the full width of the motorway, with up to 90,000 traffic movements per day.”

Bryan added, “Full kudos to the team to win this first package of work in the 10-kilometre VL2T alignment as it gives our team that continuity of work and sets us up well for our bids for the remaining two packages. Well done to everyone involved.”

The VL2T M1 upgrade is being designed and delivered in sections with all three packages of work expected to be under construction by mid-2021.

For more information about Seymour Whyte’s Package A works please visit the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads page: