Sustainable Delivery

We adopt a ‘futures thinking’ strategic focus on sustainability. Sustainable practice means many things at the Seymour Whyte Group—it is at the heart of our planning and operations to deliver positive legacies for future generations.


Our talented employees shape the quality of every project, our clients' experience with us, and the way we respond to business opportunities.

Capability building

Our success is founded upon a high performance culture, achieved by investment in our people to build capability, foster innovation and teamwork and drive capable and effective leadership.

With a clear vision, strong management and focused goals, employees are always encouraged to reach their potential. Structured performance planning, and review and retention processes are in place to promote individual career progression.


Diversity is celebrated as a fundamental element of our business success and we value the advantages gained from a diverse workforce at all levels of the organisation.

We are committed to creating a workplace that is fair and diverse, and continue to promote strategies that foster inclusive work practices. These strategies are measurable, with targets set, reviewed and reported.

Read our Human Resources Management Policy
Read our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation Policy
Read our Diversity Policy


Our zero harm safety objective is a highly visible organisation priority that is driven by our senior management and involves every employee, at every level. It involves four key focus areas - our people, our systems, workplace conditions and our leadership team. We ensure safety in these areas through good policy, effective procedures, company-wide awareness and delivery of safety expectations, and appropriate action both in compliance and reporting.

Our mission is to provide a safe work environment for our employees and everyone who visits our project sites, to reach our ultimate goal of a zero harm workplace.

Read our Health and Safety Policy
Read our Rehabilitation and Return to Work Policy


Our environmental management philosophy optimises resources, minimises waste and maximises reuse, often challenging design and construction methodologies to reduce our carbon footprint.

During the project planning and execution phases, we work collaboratively with our clients and partners to ensure design and construction methodologies have minimal environment impacts. We also use our innovative mobile technology to increase the efficiency of our site inspection and environmental monitoring capabilities. We are committed to ensuring that we leave a positive legacy when projects are completed.

Read our Environmental Policy


The Seymour Whyte Group is committed to engaging with communities and stakeholders impacted by our operations. We deliver on this commitment through open, two-way communication and working with them to identify issues and achieve resolutions.

We also undertake targeted community investments as part of our commitment to social sustainability.

We work with education partners such as the University of Queensland Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Power of Engineering to enhance learning experiences within the civil engineering sector to support the next generation of engineers to our organisation.

We sponsor the Queensland Music Festival’s Cape York Instrumental Program that aims to inspire indigenous youth from remote communities through music.

We partner with CPL (formerly known as the Cerebral Palsy League) through Metal for Mobility—a scrap steel recycling program that benefits people with disabilities local to our projects .

We support WaterAid in their mission to addressing one of the world’s most pressing issues—access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Read our Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy